COVID-19 Information

Guidance for Carers

This is a confusing scary time for everyone, especially if you have someone depending on you to help look after them Carers UK have put together some really useful guidance to help you through this time. 

Carers UK have also put together some digital resources to help carers through this time.

Once you have clicked the link you will be asked to create an account. Once you have done this enter the code DGTL3300 and this should give you access to the resources.

Barnsley’s Emergency Contact Centre

Here at BeaconSY we thought it would be useful to make people aware of the new ‘Emergency Contact Centre’ that Barnsley’s Metropolitan Borough Council have now launched. The centre will help vulnerable people who need emergency support after being impacted by disruptions due to coronavirus.

Find out more at:

Staying Active During Isolation

It is recommended that you do 150 minutes of moderate activity per week. This could be adhered to by completing 20-25 minutes of exercise per day. Many household activities – mowing the lawn, decorating, vacuuming or many household cleaning tasks could count towards the low-moderate end of the physical activity guidelines.  You can be creative with your exercising; resistance exercise includes anything that offers a resistance to normal movement patterns – this can include lifting items at home (tins, filled bottles or children!).

A number of online videos for such activities can be found on YouTube, such as the beginners’ workout by the Body Coach TV. The workouts vary in intensity and have low-impact beginner versions all the way up to advanced.

Links to check out, which direct to some popular exercise channels:

Low Impact beginner’s workout – only 15 minutes.

For seniors: 10 minutes workout at home

10 minutes Home chair workout for seniors

From Monday 23rd of March 2020 Joe Wicks will be organising live workout for all families called PE with Joe

You could also try the 30 days Yoga challenge:
Or if you are a senior or prefer a more gentle session try Chair Yoga:

Remember that keeping a healthy, active lifestyle will also impact positively on your mental wellbeing!

Helping the families and loved ones of people who are struggling with substance misuse during isolation

The amazing team at ADFAM have put some really useful and valuable tips to help families and loved ones of people who are struggling with substance misuse during isolation.

Loneliness in Isolation

The Campaign to End Loneliness have put together some tips to help combat loneliness while in social isolation.

Coronavirus and your wellbeing

MIND have created a brilliant guide to help us look after all parts of our wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemic.

The NHS have also put together some great tips to look after your mental health and wellbeing during this time.

Healios have created a wonderful app ‘ThinkNinja’  for children and young adults to help ‘build resilience, manage their emotional health and fulfil their potential’. These also have upload videos to their website:

The Mental Health Foundation have put together some really useful tips for looking after your mental health while in lockdown.

Bereavement and coronavirus

Cruse Bereavement Care have out resources to share how bereavement and grief may be affected by this pandemic. It covers some of the different situations and emotions bereaved people may have to deal with.

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