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Free support for carers across South Yorkshire

We’re dedicated to improving the lives of carers across South Yorkshire

Beacon South Yorkshire provides a range of services for family and friends who care for their loved ones. Our services are designed to support carers supporting people with substance misuse, disabilities, mental health, dementia, or who are elderly.

You are invited to our annual general meeting

We have our Annual General Meeting coming up soon, you are all invited to attend.

The aim of the AGM is to allow people to allow you as carers to hear reports from the Board of Trustees on the achievements and work we have done over the past year. To attend this meeting, all we ask is that you ring our office on 01226 814012 just to confirm your place.

We are now a mayor's chosen charity

Here at Beacon South Yorkshire Carer Support Service, we are very honoured to announce we are a chosen charity by the Mayor of Barnsley. Caroline Makinson chose Beacon South Yorkshire alongside TADS – Therapies for Anxiety, Depression and Stress, another remarkable local charity supporting young carers. 

Please see the video below.

Our Values

Shining the light for carers living with substance misuse, disabilities, mental health, dementia, or who are elderly, we aim to: –


1. Welcome any carer without judgement, who are willing to be open, self -reflective and make a personal change.

2. Create connections in a confidential and safe environment whenever needed, so no -one feels alone.


1. Provide wellbeing support to build strength in dealing with difficult situations.

2. Offer care and skills to support carers’ demands with day to day needs.


1. Build trust to be able to communicate openly to understand personal aims.

2. Look after carers by listening and offering options to enable future opportunities.

Together, we can make lives better for carers in South Yorkshire

We’re working hard to support carers across South Yorkshire. You can help support our cause by donating to our registered charity and allowing us to dedicate more services to carers.

How we can help


Help support our cause by donating to our charity and helping us to support carers


The support we receive from fundraisers is a vital part of our ability to provide support to carers


Our volunteers are incredibly important as they providing the services for our carers

Our generous funders

Thank you to all National Lottery players

Thank you!

We would like to thank the current and past carers for their individual donations. We’d also like to send a huge Thanks to National Lottery Players for their support.

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