Beacon South Yorkshire

Established in 2000, Beacon South Yorkshire provides a range of services supporting carers across South Yorkshire who are caring for people with disabilities, mental health, dementia, substance misuse, or who are elderly.

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We have a team of dedicated and trained volunteers, many of whom have personal experience of the challenges of caring for someone else.

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We deliver specialised training to help ease the strain of being a carer, as well as a range of holistic treatments, massages, Reiki and one to one and group chat sessions.

Beacon South Yorkshire

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Beacon South Yorkshire provides a range of services for family and friends who care for their loved ones. Our services are designed to support carers supporting people with substance misuse, disabilities, mental health, dementia, as well as those caring for the elderly.

Training To Help Carers Cope

Training Services

We provide a range of training to support carers, from coping with the challenges of being a carer, to helping former carers return to work once they are no longer caring.


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