We are happy to welcome Isabel and Alex, 2 Occupational Therapy (OT) students from Sheffield Hallam University. They are with us here at BeaconSY on placement for 12 weeks (Mon, Tues, Weds) The hope is to implement interesting and diverse sessions within BSY.

So what is an OT?
Occupational Therapists acknowledge the link between what people do in their daily lives (their occupations) and how this impacts on their health, well-being and identity.
They can support you to:
-realise your potential in returning to satisfying and enjoyable activities,
-analyse the practical consequences of your situation and provide solutions.
-relearn skills that may be lost because of your role in caring.
-increase your confidence levels and                                                                                                                  motivation.
-maintain hope for the future.

Alex and Isabel want to create new groups within the service, they already have some ideas but would love your input – after all, these groups need to be of value to you the carer. The hope is to create interesting and diverse sessions for all involved with BeaconSY.

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