Client Testimonials

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Client Testimonials 2020

Mrs N

I would like to thank Lynda, Kerry and the team at Beacon for the Stepping Stones carers course yesterday (26th February). It was informative but relaxing as well and I felt at ease being able to talk about my situation. It’s so reassuring there are others out there going through similar situations.
Thank you again.

Mrs K

Thank you for making me welcome, for the love and support I feel each time I’ve been there. For helping me to be so at ease that I can cry as quickly as I can laugh and know I’m not being judged. For the camaraderie and sincere friendship I have found. For the wonderful yoga lessons that let us all be ourselves and truly relax. Thank You.

Client Testimonials

Mrs B

“I only visited once a few years ago but June made me so welcome that I walked away feeling on top of the world although I went in feeling at rock bottom. I’ve still got the bear she gave me. I will need them again I think because sadly things have gone bad again.”

Miss C

“I am so glad I rang that buzzer the first time I came to Beacon I was so nervous but felt so low. My support worker was easy to talk to and helped me relax. As the weeks went on I felt a change in my self. I felt my self-get stronger and began to feel in control. I started to smile again.”

Mrs P

“It’s good that there is a place like Beacon for somewhere to go where I don’t feel alone. Coming to Beacon is like my escape time and I feel like I can be me again.”

Mr A

“I am so glad I found Beacon support group. I feel like I matter, the staff are so friendly and welcoming.”

Mr B

“Going to Beacon was a turning point for me, I met some great people and really enjoyed Stepping Stones. It helped me see things clearer and I stopped feeling the guilt and began to take back control of my life.”

Mrs S

“We are all one big family at Beacon, that’s how I see it as everyone is so close and understanding. We are all going through the same type of situation. We help one and other.”

To Beacon,

“OMG” i feel so empowered were the words i wrote in my diary following my first face to face at beacon.

after years of carrying pain silently & quietly i felt released from all the chains and shackles of my life.

of course euphoria is fleeting & the hard work of forgiveness of myself, acceptance of the past loom ahead & have yet to be achieved. For each positive step there is at times a word, a sentence, some small thing that can bring back the pain & make me feel a failure again & takes me backwards.

But after one such recent occurrence, one of the many angels in disguise at Beacon, said to me “How you feel is proof you’re learning, you are moving forward – its part of the process”

Experiences like this humble me & make me feel so very grateful that Beacon is there for me – without judgement without expectation its simply there.

I have embraced my good fortune by attending Mindfulness & Yoga regularly i’ve been given the tools of these wonderful aids to help me heal myself.

I have met so many other people – pain, anxiety, and stress are a mutual component unspoken but present.

To meet these people talk with them feel pain with them and laugh with them is such an enormous gift that keeps on giving. So many folks would be helpless in the sea of life were it not for Beacon.

I look forward to being able to give back in some way when i feel well and have conquered my many demons, small words – Thank You – but never more sincerely uttered.