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We love to hear our clients feedback.

We are always looking to get feedback from our clients, it helps us to develop new services and improve the ones we offer.

Mrs B

“I only visited once a few years ago but June made me so welcome that I walked away feeling on top of the world although I went in feeling at rock bottom. I’ve still got the bear she gave me. I will need them again I think because sadly things have gone bad again.”

Miss C

“I am so glad I rang that buzzer the first time I came to Beacon I was so nervous but felt so low. My support worker was easy to talk to and helped me relax. As the weeks went on I felt a change in my self. I felt my self-get stronger and began to feel in control. I started to smile again.”

Mrs P

“It’s good that there is a place like Beacon for somewhere to go where I don’t feel alone. Coming to Beacon is like my escape time and I feel like I can be me again.”

Mr A

“I am so glad I found Beacon support group. I feel like I matter, the staff are so friendly and welcoming.”

Mr B

“Going to Beacon was a turning point for me, I met some great people and really enjoyed Stepping Stones. It helped me see things clearer and I stopped feeling the guilt and began to take back control of my life.”

Mrs S

“We are all one big family at Beacon, that’s how I see it as everyone is so close and understanding. We are all going through the same type of situation. We help one and other.”

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